Stainless Steel Tube

for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire), submarine cable, DTS, offshore cable, umbilical,


  • Up to 96 fibers
  • A diameter from 1,10 mm (0,0433 inch) up to 6,5 mm (0,2559 inch) in 0,10 mm (0,0039 inch) steps possible
  • Special tixotropical with or without filling compound
  • With or without hydrogen scavenger
  • Temperature range from  -190°C (-310°F) up to +600°C (+1112°F), depending on application and material
  • Wider ranges possible
  • Fiber excess length  up to 1%, with high accuracy
  • Maximal length up to 25 km  (15,53 mi)


  • All optical fiber types, from all optical fiber producers can be integrated or supplied
  • Example optical fiber types which can be integrated in our tubes: standard telecom. optical fiber, chemical resistant optical fiber, high temperature optical fiber, metal coated optical fibers
  • Customer orientated planning process