Special Harsh
Environment Cable

for heavy industry usage


  • If more than 0,25 mm (0,0098 inch) wall thickness are required,
    then a multilayer tube can be used
  • Summary of the wall thickness up to 1,2 mm (0,0472 inch)
  • Layers available up to 4
  • Cost-effectiv steel grade mixing. (Expensive steel grades can
    be manufactured as outer layer only.  )
  • Diameter up to 6,5 mm (0,2559 inch)
  • Many combinations of diameters  and steel grades are available
  • Higher inside or outside pressure possible
  • Crush resistance and kinking performance
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Temperature range from  -190°C (-310°F) up to +600°C (+1112°F),
    depending on application and material
  • 4 different 1/4 inch available
  • 1/4 inch solutions
  • Possible optical fiber coatings: standard acrylat coating,
    high temperature coating, polyamid coating, metal coated, carbon coated
  • Special high temperature jellies
  • Special steel grades (316L, 825, 625)

Example of a Harsh Environment Cable