Displacement Tunnel Sensor



The displacement tunnel sensor is a strain fiber optic sensor which is constructed for the measurement of displacement of disturbed areas in the concrete layer in tunnels. It is based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology and the smart transduction mechanism converts the displacement between the concrete layer and the sandstone masonry to the optical fiber elongation. The sensor can provide an accuracy of micrometers and is composed of a metal tube and special mounting head. The metal tube is fixed in the hole of the tunnel wall and the head of the sensor is mounted to the surface of the tunnel.

The Displacement Tunnel Sensor FBGS-01D features high accuracy and resolution, and immunity to electric sparks and EMI/RFI. It is suitable for remote sensing and it is possible to install it kilometers away from the measurement unit. It is protected against complete, continuous submersion in water guaranteeing IP68 protection.

1.087,201.087,30 excl. Vat.

1.087,201.087,30 excl. Vat.

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