Multilayer Basalt Tube

for High Temperature, High Pressure & High Tension Conditions
Hybrid constructions for various multipurpose requirements available

Features of basalt fibers

  • Temperature of application:  -30 °C up to +70 °C
  • Highest temperature: +80 °C
  • Melting temperature: 1.500 °C
  • Weight approx. 31 kg/km
  • Rodent protected
  • Chemical resistant
  • Natural product
  • Bend resistant
  • High tensile strength up to 29 kN
  • Can be used as a push rod
  • Optionally available with a polyamide, polyethylene or high-density polyethylene sheath
  • Breaking load up to 12 kN
  • Fire-resistant


The Multilayer Basalt Tube is a type of new composite core that combines high-performance basalt fiber, high strength stainless steel tubes, a communication element (optical fibers, coax or copper wires) and optionally a polyamide, polyethylene or high-density polyethylene sheath. This composite cable core has excellent properties including lightweight, high strength, high temperature, lower line loss, small sag, among others.


The cable is based on a new high-tech material, the mineral fibers of basalt, an alkaline volcanic rock. The material was originally intended for the thermal insulation of nuclear reactors, and now it is used as a material mix which practically eliminates cable breakage. Frequent repairs due to cable breakage will now be a thing of the past. Because of its unique properties it is practically indestructible, permanently unbreakable, and still retains its functionality at high temperatures.

Optic & Copper

Depending on the task required, the stainless steel metal tube is configured in turn with a varying number of optical and copper conductors for the transmission of control and data signals. Despite its outstanding protective properties, the new hybrid cable is extremely lightweight, unlike armored cables, for example. It is intended for use in permanent installations, e.g. in the cabling of buildings or tunnels.