Thin Aluminium Wall Type – Stainless Steel Tube

for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire), OPPC (Optical Phase Conductor) and special Cables


  • FCT is the first and only producer using this technology with aluminium
  • In many cases an aluminium outer surface is required
    or requested by the customer
  • Especially for OPGW cables near the sea
  • For OPGW cables without grease
  • Better short time temperature performance than
    foil covered tubes (eddy current)
  • Higher short time maximum temperature achieved
  • Outside diameter 2,50 mm (0.0984 inch)  up to 4,20 mm (0.1653 inch)
  • Wall thickness alu 0,25 mm (0.0098 inch) up to 0,3 mm (0.0118 inch)
  • Moisture tested

Thick Aluminium Wall Type – Stainless Steel Tube


  • OPGW (Optical Fiber Ground Wire) Applications with central FIMT (Fiber In Metal Tubes)
  • Higher electrical performance
  • Total outer diameter 8,5 mm (0,3346 inch)
  • Wall thickness 0,95 mm (0,0374 inch) up to 3 mm (0.1181 inch)
  • Conform method for thick aluminium wall
  • For any specific OPGW* design

Example of an Aluminium Coated Stainless Steel Tube