fiber_NBGFiber in Metal Tubes for Telecom.

We are your supplier and manufacturer of optical fiber in stainless steel tubes.
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Gears_NBGFiber Optic Sensing Applications

We want to support you with the up to date measurement technology based on fiber optic technology.
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fiber_sensing_NBGFiber in Metal Tubes for Sensing

We are your fiber optic pioneers bringing new ideas and solutions to various areas of sensing applications.
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Microscope_NBGResearch & Development

We tailor your specific needs through our extensive research and development.
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Why Choose Us?

Karl Bauer, CEO NBG Systems -in front of colored optical Fiber
  • Over 20 Years of Experience

    Together we have over 20 years of experience in development and production of fiber optic technology.

  • Independent Producer

    FCT GmbH is the world’s only, independent producer of steel tubes with integrated optical fiber.

  • Austrian Technical Competence

    As a high-end supplier for our top level customers NBG products meet the highest quality standards. Quality management is key in every production step.

  • Tailor-Made Tubes

    We produce tailor-made tubes according to the customer´s demands. The production line will be adjusted to the
    specific needs to guarantee the highest quality standards which we are known for.

  • Accuracy

    We have the flexibility to produce any kind of FIMT you require. Starting from 1.1 mm (0,0433”) to 7.0 mm (0,2755”) in diameter.

  • High Capacity

    A production capacity over 16.000 km / year provide the basis for a successful partnership.

  • Research & Development

    We develop your FIMT according to your requirements and specifications and test it according to international guidelines in our fully equipped in-house research and test center.

  • Inhouse Test-Center

    With our new evaluation-center we offer the possibility to test cables with multiple methods like temperature and pressure tests, a variety of mechanical tests and tests with our DAS, DTS and DTSS units.

Special Projects Require Special Development.

all from one source.

Fiber Cable Technology

We want to inspire you to become your supplier of stainless steel tubes with integrated optical fibers globally. We are in fact the only neutral supplier of such intermediate products.


Our customers globally use our special FIMT‘s for different applications, including telecommunication, submarine, high voltage energy and especially in harsh environment application cables.

Sales Team

Our sales team members are not typical sales managers, but rather the essential customer relation managers compare to conventional sales organization structures. Your optimized added value is our goal.


Located in Austria – Europe, we have over 20 years of global know-how and experience in the field of designing and manufacturing FIMT* based on the highest industry quality standards worldwide.

Our Company Structure

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